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Homeschooling Resources

We are dealing with a serious miseducation problem within ourselves and the current eurocentric curriculum is continuing to mislead us about our past, present, and future contributions to world history. We’re offering homeschooling courses in Afrikan history, philosophy, math, science, and others as a resource to parents looking for culturally-relevant and self-affirming ways to educate children. We want to prepare the next generation to be inventors, innovators, and leaders in Afrika and the rest of the world.

Talk to a Brother, Sister, or Elder | Spiritual Assistance

It can be hard to find someone to talk to when you need it. And as a people, we are currently dealing with a tragic disconnect from the Afrikan spiritual systems meant to help us navigate life and hard decisions while finding the path towards our purpose. Reach out here to connect with a brother, sister, or elder who can offer guidance and/or spiritually assist you. We also offer a mentorship program that pairs you with a mentor based on your path and need for long-term guidance.


Afrikan Tales and Black-owned Businesses

This archive of Black-owned businesses and bookstores is to help preserve our Afrikan history and circulate our money with one another. Join us in promoting cultural literacy and group economics to see our community thrive.


Our numerous community projects include livestock farming, (insert project), (insert project), and even (insert project). Visit our Projects page to keep up on their progress, ask us questions, donate, and get involved. 




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